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The Wintergarden by Monroe’s Wedding | Rochester Wedding Photography

 Laura & Erik

To love, laughter, and happily ever after…


The day of Laura & Erik’s wedding was an exceptional day for a spring wedding in Rochester,New York! Everything came together with such an elegant touch and was beautifully brought together by the color scheme, the flowers, her Jimmy Choo shoes, and the wonderful choice of venues. Since they are both working out of state all of the planning was done from afar. It just goes to show that with an eye for detail and a vision in mind you can create a beautiful wedding.

This beautiful couple looked absolutely smitten when they first laid eyes on each other. Surrounded by friends and family at St. Rita’s Church they said, “I do.” Throughout the day Laura & Erik shared smiles and laughter. The warmth and love they have for each other radiated throughout the ceremony and carried over into the reception.

Walking into Laura & Erik’s reception at The Wintergarden by Monroe’s was breathtaking. The light and airy feel of the wedding transferred over into the reception hall beautifully. During cocktail hour there was a harpist playing upstairs stationed above the dance floor. This only added to the whimsical feel of the entire day.

After dinner, the party really got started when Steve Turner turned up the music and everyone hit the dance floor. The beautiful bride also threw on the headphones and spun some tracks for her friends and family! Smiles, twirls, and downright amazing dance moves filled the night.

Here is to the new Mr. and Mrs. Bolzner !

photographers rochester nyphotographers rochester nyphotographers rochester nyThe Wintergarden by Monroe's WeddingRochester Wedding Photography

Their photo essay captures the essence of their special day. The heartfelt moments and joyous celebrations unfold through vibrant images, each telling a unique tale. From the meticulous planning from afar to the radiant smiles exchanged during the ceremony, their love shines through every photograph. As the reception commenced, the Wintergarden by Monroe’s transformed into a whimsical haven, illuminated by laughter and music. The captivating snapshots immortalize the unforgettable dance floor moments and the bride’s infectious energy as she delighted her loved ones. Need help with your own photo essay? Contact the Papertyper essay writer to assist you in writing a compelling visual narrative. It can be any type of paper you need.
Rochester Wedding PhotographyThe Wintergarden by Monroe's Wedding The Wintergarden by Monroe's Wedding

Second Photographer: Mandra Jean Photography

Flowers: Kittleberger

Limo: S&S Limo

DJ: Turner Music Productions

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