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Let’s connect! Check out some more FAQ’s. If there is anything you’re specifically stressed about, talk to me! We will figure out the best way to execute it. I’d love to help you capture a flawless collection of wedding photos!


After having photographed over 250 weddings, and I have seen so many things. I may take the photos, but oftentimes I am also your dress fluffer, boutonniere specialist, and bouquet holder. I will even help you slip your shoes on or fix that nagging bump on your dress. (I’ve thought of changing my title from Wedding Photographer to Wedding Detailer.) With that many weddings, I’ve certainly learned some unusual yet day-saving tricks of the trade.

I am telling you about my experience because I want you to have full confidence in what you’re getting when you book with me. Easing your anxieties by giving you the service you can trust. I want amazing photos as much as you do, and by trusting my photographer’s instincts, I can deliver those to you! I’d love to hear your ideas and vision for your wedding day, but 1000s of Pinterest images could stifle our creativity. So, reach out, let me know what you have in mind, and let’s make it happen!

Here are the top areas to trust your photographer’s expertise:


The time of day can be key, and lighting is crucial for your images. So, when I highly recommend a certain time for sunset photos, trust me. I know when the best light is. Keep in mind, if you’re having a 2:00 pm outdoor ceremony in August, the light may be harsh (not quite like the soft romantic light of a 7:45 sunset), so I may recommend another option or help you find a place out of the direct sunlight to take your photos.


What kind of photographer would I be if I didn’t know you want photos of you cutting the cake and your first dance. I enjoy capturing all of those magical moments, and I promise I won’t miss any of the momentous big ones—or the beautifully small ones! A shot list can be helpful for family photos, but leaning on me to know what is needed to document your big day will save you the added time and stress!


About 6-7 weeks before your wedding, I will send you a wedding day questionnaire. We will create the perfect photography timeline for your day.

The best moments happen organically. Don’t worry about posing or forcing images. I am experienced in knowing exactly when to capture that amazing dance pose as you celebrate with your hubby without making it awkward. Ignore me, do your thing, and enjoy the moment. I’ll make sure to capture it all in the best light and angle possible!

When all is said and done you only have your photos to look back on. Your photographer will be able to give you something that you other vendors cannot. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard, “We hired a friend but the images were nothing like we thought they’d be. We should’ve hired a professional.” Don’t skimp on photography. Find someone who “gets you,” and let them work their photography magic on your wedding day. And don’t forget to take a breath and trust their photographer instincts. 😉


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