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I am a busy mom of 2 whose life revolves around my photography business and as much family time as I can get. I’ve been in business for myself, now since 2009.

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I had a passion for photography in High School. I went to college for photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology. My journey started in commercial photography. I was very fortunate to land an incredible internship with a prestigious commercial photography studio. I was surprised to find that the position, although a wonderful learning experience, just wasn’t something I was passionate about. After the internship, I took every portrait photography class possible and soon began my love with the charming world of portrait photography.

After college I received a job offer in the corporate world working for a high end portrait studio. As time went on, however, I re-confirmed what I already thought deep down—the corporate world just wasn’t for me. I decided that it was time I stood on my own two feet and delve into something that I had a true passion for: entrepreneurship. I took the plunge into opening my own business. Needless to say it was scary at first, but has been incredibly rewarding. The first job I took on was as a wedding photographer. The pressure was on, but I was excited and knew that I made the right decision. Ever since that first wedding, my photography business has taken off. I’m so thankful my business continues to grow, but as my business grows so do my kids! This year, I’m excited to plan more family time between photo shoots. This down time helps me rejuvenate so I can return to my photography with fresh eyes and a passion that allows my clients to get the best of my artistic abilities.

My love for photography runs deep. I am passionate about every single shoot that I do and love being able to capture my clients’ memories so they can look back on them with joy years from now. I believe my job is to anticipate what is going to happen so that I can capture the special moments that happen between the shots—whether that be a soulful gaze or a sly smirk—the candid moments are the ones that mean the most! I prefer to keep my images classic and polished, not too over-processed, but natural and bright.

Check out some of my work on the Gallery Page or recent events on my blog . Drop me a line on my contact page to have me capture your special memories! I look forward to getting to know you and preserving your most precious moments from behind my lens.


not too over-processed, but natural and bright. images classic and polished,Nordstrom
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