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Rochester City Hall Elopement | Rochester NY Photographer

Jessica + Ryan


Family is everything to these two. Because Jessica and Ryan grew up about six hours from each other.  She in Rochester and he in Lowell, MA – their families never really found a chance to meet each other. Ironically, when they met, he was actually living in NYC, and she was in DC! Their love story started online in 2015, and once the spark was lit, they headed off to California together where they got engaged. After making a short pitstop for a year in Detroit, they’ve decided to tie the knot and settle in Denver, Colorado.

Although they love to travel and experience new places, having their families meet and connect was of top priority to Jessica and Ryan as they began their journey in marriage.

Something fun and different

So, instead of planning a traditional wedding, these wanderlusters had a little more in mind. How cool would it be if their families spent an entire weekend together relaxing and just getting to know each other rather than running around trying to pull off a grand wedding? They booked a spacious ten-bedroom house on the shores of peaceful Canandaigua Lake, and planned to meet everyone there.

But first, they had their closest family members join them in the city for their civil marriage ceremony. No extra fluff, just real love, real family, and real memories. Check out their romantic photos outside City Hall! This is just proof that you can have amazing wedding pictures no matter what type of ceremony you choose. The couple and their unique love story are what makes the photos so special.

“We invited everyone to the ceremony at City Hall, had some killer pictures taken made a pit stop at Genesee Brew House for a quick lunch and beer, then everyone took the scenic drive out to Canandaigua. We spent the weekend handing out, sitting by the lake, looking through old photos, roasting marshmallows, cooking regional breakfasts, and making sure everyone got to know each other.

I would say it was a very successful wedding and we’re so happy we were able to do it our way!” – Jessica & Ryan









Rochester-City-Hall-WeddingRochester City Hall ElopementRochester City Hal Elopement






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