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Fall is such a natural beauty with all of the color. Even not knowing what the Rochester weather holds, a cloudy overcast day can make for some of the best light. This not so quite hidden gem was actually quiet the day we went. We were able to wander around without people  interrupting the background. Pretty light + location = the perfect session.

It’s so crazy to think back when I met this lovely family. Their oldest daughter was 4! And now she’s this stunning 15 year old young lady. We met when our daughters were in the same preschool over 10 years ago. To watch families expand and see little girls turn into these gorgeous young ladies is so magical.  Starting when they’re barely talking now asking them about high school and what they’re up to in their day to day lives. Seeing the braces comes off and each child coming into their own. I love watching their personalities change and mature.  This doesn’t feel like a job. We just chat and photograph, letting them interact naturally. Before I know it, we have more photos than anyone will know what to do with. And with that, the session comes to a close with us still chatting in the parking lot. Until next year!


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