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The Waterfront Lodge at Abraham Lincoln Park wedding

 Rochester, New York Wedding

Kari + Adam



 “When we have each other, we have everything.” -Unknown

 I met Kari & Adam serendipitously when they met with their videographer who I share a space with. Their initial photographer fell through, but when we met, we clicked, I am thrilled I got the chance to work with this gorgeous couple.  The wedding was beautiful, and since Kari & Adam each have kids it truly was the bridging of two families.

Kari and Adam had a beautiful outdoor ceremony followed by a reception held at Abraham Lincoln Waterfront Lodge. As you know, when the bride and groom enter the reception for the first time most couples try to do it in style. Most couples tend to do this by choreographing a cute dance or by using a simple DJ announcement. Kari and Adam had another idea…they entered by boat! It was so unique and truly fit the feel of the wedding perfectly!

Kari and Adam’s wedding was filled with love. Their kids brought such a fun element. It will be a joy looking back on these photos to remember the smiles, dancing, and some of the cute mishaps.

I am so happy that our paths crossed, Kari and Adam. I had such a blast capturing your wedding day. May the years ahead of you be filled with love and happiness.







Reception Venue: The Waterfront Lodge at Abraham Lincoln Park

Videography: Lightworld Studios


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