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My relationship with this special family goes way back. I first starting photographing AJ and Phil’s when they got engaged. Since then, I’ve had the great pleasure of photographing the many stages of their adventurous journey—their gorgeous wedding, memorable newborn sessions, first-year milestones for each other the girls, and more. They feel like family to me, and I’m always amazed at how much the girls grow from session to session. It’s so sweet to see that Mom and Dad are more in love than ever. This is certainly a love story worth documenting, and I have a blast photographing them.


Now that they’re through the baby stage, they contact me a couple of times each year for updated seasonal portraits. This session features their lovely springtime shoot. The girls had so much fun near the water in Corbett’s Glen. They may be wearing adorable dresses in these photos, but these girls are very adventurous. Sisters always seem to have a special bond, and these two love exploring together. They hopped across the stones, reached up high to try to touch the branches, and attempted some splashing around in the water. Mom was smart and found the cutest rainboots for them to wear during the shoot.


Reese just turned two, so we got a few birthday shots in there, too. Toward the end of the session, both of the girls were feeling a little tuckered out, and I captured a sweet moment of baby sister resting her head in her big sister’s lap. As parents, those are the photos that we truly cherish—candid, heartfelt moments that happen spontaneously.


The girls’ parents are always up for my crazy ideas, and I adore them for that. At this point, the girls know me pretty well, so they are never shy in front of the camera, and I always enjoy capturing their many expressions and poses that they come up with all on their own. It really shows their true colors and unique personalities.


Once again, these sessions with this family was a wonderful experience. I can’t wait to see them all again in a few months!



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