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Mini wedding Rochester, NY

Serita and Mike

Mini Wedding

The Mini wedding is quickly becoming my favorite. Serita and Mike had planned on a large wedding on their farm land. Due to the Pandemic, their original plans were moved to next year and in turn they planned a mini wedding this year.
Serita found her dress randomly while searching for dresses online since she was looking during COVID.  They make their dresses in the United States which she thought was great. Mike’s cousin’s husband, Kush, officiated. When they decided to do a mini wedding, they were trying to limit the number of people as much as possible. Serita jokingly said, “who from our guest list could officiate?” and they both said “Kush!” at the same time, because he’s such a good public speaker and is so charismatic. And they were lucky enough that he said yes, he’d do it, and he got his officiant license online for them.
Serita drove up to the ceremony from behind a barn in a Ford Model A from 1930! It is a family friend’s car and no one could get it running, so her dad (who can fix literally anything) started working on it about 3 days before the wedding. And of course, he succeeded.

How they met

Mike started helping her dad make hay. They’re both farmers, but grow different crops so the timing worked out such that Mike was able to come help make hay during his less busy times.  Serita and her sister always helped their dad bale hay since we were teenagers. The summer they met, they had a group of younger people making hay so they would get together and have a bonfire after they were done working, or get pizza and beer and hang out in the shop.
Serita and Mike, I can’t wait to do this again next year!!
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