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 Kristy + David

Love has a way of transcending time. No matter if a couple meets during their high school years or years later after they’ve each experienced a lot of life on their own, no time seems to be lost. The time doesn’t seem to make the meeting less magical, the adventures less grand, or the love less strong. As a photographer, it’s always such a wonderful experience to see that undeniable look of amazement as the groom sees his radiant bride for the first time and see her look of adoration when she sees the man she loves waiting for her.

Kristy and David’s marriage was a few years in the making. But when they finally met, they both knew right away they had found something special. For their wedding day, they chose The Porterhouse.  An amazing steakhouse right on the Erie Canal! Previously they went on a date there at the beginning of their relationship – their first times there. They fell in love with the atmosphere and the service. They wanted to do a Paris theme for their wedding as that is the first stop on their honeymoon. And the restaurant already has some Paris décor in it – meant to be! The first time they went there she thought it would be a lovely place to get married, and here they are.

Their Big Day

On their big day, Kristy spent time getting ready with her daughter at The Inn in Fairport. It was the perfect charmingly intimate space for them on this very special day, and I loved capturing these mother/daughter shots for them. Her daughter helped her get into her gorgeous gown from Heart to Heart Bridal (her own beautiful blue bridesmaid’s dress was from They both looked stunning!

They headed over the venue with their pretty hydrangea bouquets from the Penfield Flower Shop in hand. When Kristy and David’s eyes met for the first time that day, my heart melted. Their ceremony and intimate reception were pure perfection. Right after the ceremony, we had a chance to take some photos in a little park with some breathtaking sunset photos on the canal!

Congratulations to this happy couple! I wish you both the very best!

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