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Beach family session | Rochester Family Photographer

I have been photographing this beautiful family for almost eight years now, even before their little boy was born. Now, their sweet daughter is almost as tall as me, and Little Man is not so little! The years have flown by, and it’s been the greatest joy watching them grow and develop their own unique, vibrant personalities. I don’t see them often, but each time we catch up it feels like reuniting with old friends (because I am), and I love hearing all the new stories that have happened over the past year and new activities the kids are involved in .

 Every year their amazingly talented mom brings gorgeous outfits for the kids, some of which are sewn by her! Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all do that? Instead of trying to coordinate family outfits, just dream up a collection and make it! Amazing.
All of their sessions are so much fun and relaxed as we chat about what our kids are doing, recent family vacations, funny stories, and more. With this photogenic crew, it’s so easy to get authentic yet beautiful photos.
They’re so close, and I always enjoy capturing their family bonds: the kids with their parents, siblings, and of course the happy couple who are still in love as ever.Since the kids are older now, and we aren’t working around bedtimes, we decided on a late sunset beach session – something different than what we’ve done in the past. I’m SO happy we did. It paid off! The sunset glow was amazing, and it gave these family photos a touch of nostalgic ambiance.

Thanks for another wonderful session, sweet friends! Until next time.

Rochester NY Family PhotographerRochester NY Family PhotographerRochester NY Family PhotographerRochester NY Family PhotographerRochester NY Family PhotographerRochester NY Family PhotographerRochester NY Family Photographer
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